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Welcome wanderers, seers, tricksters, poets, sacred activists, land lovers, cosmic dwellers, trackers - creatures of all manner of shape and form. We're Amanda and Sara, creatricksters of  Feral Luncay, and we're so happy you've followed a scent to our virtual, en-webbed terrain. Please do come in, make yourself at home, and climb across the golden silk of our shared dreaming.


Learn More About Feral Lunacy

Listen in on Amanda & Sara's conversation about Feral Lunacy - what inspires the presence of this organism, and its ongoing evolution.

Image by Olha Sumnikova

This is a place for you if you understand the necessity of staying with the immensity of these times. To be with the collapse and dissolutions of a world that you love. To turn toward the rapid disappearance of our more-than-human kin, and the unraveling of complex ecosystems. To stay with the trouble, and learn to listen with the ancestral ears of your own feral heart.

Feral Webwork of Belonging

A virtual gathering ground inviting us to tend the pregnant possibilities of these times.

A sacred play-space for us to meet and share dreams, poems, images, songs, fears, griefs, and longings.

A place to be witnessed and celebrated for your full-bodied, courageous aliveness.

Image by Abed Ismail

At Feral Lunacy, we support folx in being re-shaped, dis-memebered, and re-membered by the world, on behalf of the world. Guiding those who hear the persistent and undeniable call to live lives with feral exuberance, we aid folx toward an embodiment of what the Earth longs to dream through them and with them. An embodied and rebellious shape, invoked by the quake and rumble of an eco-mystical r/evolution, whose distinction is never prescriptive and always co-evolving.








Feral Webwork of Belonging


We will move with our ancestors not as entities of the "past," rather as presences informing present-moment possibilities. As unseen mattering forces invoking unknown futures of remark-ability and wonder.

Ancestral Futures of Transformation
September - November 2022
with Sara & Amanda

Join us for this deep dive into the ancestral waters of connection and becoming.

Upcoming 3 Month Deep Dive

The Feral Channel

Drop in on some of our conversations spanning a variety of topics - from wound alchemy and belonging to trauma and transformation.

Tracks in the Mud

Our feral musings

Image by mohammad reza razmpour

Are you following the humming edge of your emergence, and tending the gardens of possibility that sprout and vine across holographic stretches of time? Do you feel how we, embody, and say "yes" to now, ripples through the past and into the future, reconvening in the present through our bodies’ entanglement?

Image by Amarnath Tade


“Amanda and Sara weave together a container that is both edgy and safe. To be held in such a way allowed me to get out of my comfort zone in all the right ways to a place where my soul could really speak and be heard. They tie together movement, deep imagery, dreamwork, and ancestral belonging in a way that is divinely magical. I keep coming back!” 


— Jenni M.

Image by Benjamin Voros

The potential to dream a new way for and with the world lives within our dreams, visions, ancestries, woundings and traumas, shadows, cries of future-ones, and ecologies of belonging. Potentialities whose invocations are made possible through the weaving of a webwork that is willing to tend the complexity and dynamism of our shared existence. A webwork whose sinew is spun from difference just as much as resonance. For webs tend intersections and crossroads, and honor the wisdom residing within tensions and divergences.

Image by Joel Filipe

Dive into the dream stream with Amanda for this virtual month-long offering. You'll be invited to tend the waters of your dream life, to wade through the mystery of holy images and experiences, and to give yourself over to shapeshifting hands of imaginal ecologies.

Dream Circle
with Amanda Fiorino

Join Amanda for this month lon, and let yourself be swept away and drawn deeper into the mysterious and alluring world of the dreamtime.

Upcoming Month-Long Offerings

Image by Tsvetelin Todorov

We, at Feral Lunacy, believe that each life, sacred and entangled, is a gift that carries seeds of remarkable possibility. Lives that spring from an ever-shapeshifting world, floating in a cosmic womb that is permeated by the mysterious. Lives that are bound to one another in their adrift becomings and emergent shapings... Needing one another, and understanding we cannot live this life with all of its passages of change alone, is an ecological and cosmic knowing. A resounding truth belted from the mouths of collapsing and adapting ecologies that confirm our participation in the great storying of this world.

Image by Danka & Peter

Council ceremonially invokes a dance between the sacred gestures of truth-telling and deep listening. Council offers a place for embodied voices to traverse the warp and weft of connection; a devotional space for folx to honor the trembling strands of intimacy that tether us to one another.

Feral Council
Begins April 2022
with Sara & Amanda

Feral Council is a chthonic laboratory for the wyrd and wondrous of you to find sanctuary. an invitation to be witnessed, and to let such witnessing behave as a humming threshold conjuring magikal shifts in shape. Transformations that can radically alter how we show up and engage with the world. Free for members, drop-ins welcome.

Monthly Virtual Offerings on

our Webwork of Belonging

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