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Wish to cultivate psychospiritual resourcing and resiliency. To track and tend all the places of you that perceive, understand, and speak to your experiences differently. To honor and integrate the tender ground of your wounds and trauma as an act of transformative love for yourself, your communities, and the world.

Wish to address the collective and shared ground of ancestral and intergenerational trauma, wounding, and shadow that feed the collapsing paradigms of our time. To engage in co-liberatory processes that acknowledge the complexity of community building, and seek to create the kinds of safety that make risk-taking and personal and collective transformation possible.

4 Programs - progression of the Sacred Wound Alchemy

1. Trauma-informed basic psycho-spiritual Resourcing

2. Core Wound/Sacred Wound

3. Ancestral/Intergenerational

4. Cultural and Shadow

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