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Image by Tavis Beck

Our Feral Call

Story is the fabric of ancestral worlding, and we are ancestors of an unknown future.

We, at Feral Lunacy, believe that each life, sacred and entangled, is a gift that carries seeds of remarkable possibility. Lives that spring from an ever-shapeshifting world, floating in a cosmic womb that is permeated by the mysterious. Lives that are bound to one another in their adrift becomings and emergent shapings. Moving through cyclic stretches of transformation, the hallowed responsibility of being alive in these times is both personal and shared. Needing one another, and understanding we cannot live this life with all of its passages of change alone, is an ecological and cosmic knowing. A resounding truth belted from the mouths of collapsing and adapting ecologies that confirm our participation in the great storying of this world.

The nature of our participation and how we story-with the world depends upon our capacity to be in-formed and de-formed by the magnificence and terror of being alive. To render ourselves capable of transformation so as to be in service to the rest of life. To follow our longing like a scent trail that is also a living into our greatest belonging. A kind of belonging that does not seek to fix or save the world, but rather love the world, dream with the world, and be undone by the world.


At Feral Lunacy, we support folx in being re-shaped, dis-memebered, and re-membered by the world, on behalf of the world. Guiding those who hear the persistent and undeniable call to live lives with feral exuberance, we aid folx toward an embodiment of what the Earth longs to dream through them and with them. An embodied and rebellious shape, invoked by the quake and rumble of an eco-mystical r/evolution, whose distinction is never prescriptive and always co-evolving. Cultivating psychospiritual resourcing and communal resiliency, we believe personal and collective metamorphosis are intrinsic to one another, and that these times are bubbling over with personal transfigurations whose enmeshment is ushering in seismic waves of collective change.

The immensity and uncertainty of these times requires an interlinking of arms to embrace it, a multiplicity of eyes to grieve with it, and a hardy and persistent sense of wonder to dance with it. Times that long for living ceremonies invoking ancestors and future ones to speak threads of a possible future through the bodies of the present, and soul-rooted contributions infused with transgressive gestures that conjure yet-to-be-known possibilities.


Our emergent belonging springs from the soil of entanglement. Composting current paradigms, and saying yes to the uncertainty of a world constantly becoming, requires radical reconfigurations of what it means to be human. We feel that one of humanity's current tasks lives in the evolutionary revelation that we are more than human, more than a singular self, more than what we were told to be, and more than what we ever thought we could be. We are a hologram of Earth, living Earth's dreaming into the world as both discrete and entangled beings.

The potential to imagine a new way for and with the world lives within our dreams, visions, ancestries, woundings and traumas, shadows, cries of future-ones, and ecologies of belonging. Potentialities whose invocations are made possible through the weaving of a webwork that is willing to tend the complexity and dynamism of our shared existence. A webwork whose sinew is spun from difference just as much as resonance. For webs tend intersections and crossroads, and honor the wisdom residing within tensions and divergences.

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