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Image by Ryan Holloway

Entangle with Lunar Cycles of Becoming

Month Long Programs

Image by Johannes Plenio

Dream Circle

Dates to Announced

with Amanda Fiorino

Dive into the dream stream with Amanda for this virtual month-long offering. You'll be invited to tend the waters of your dream life, to wade through the mystery of holy images and experiences, and to give yourself over to shapeshifting hands of imaginal ecologies. Disturbing, terrifying, exciting, astonishing, soothing, healing - dreams are terrascapes whose entangling webwork pulses with the possibility and promise of initiation and transformation.

Image by Ray Hennessy

Soul Storytelling

Dates to be Announced

with Sara McFarland

The world is storying itself and we are storying with it. Each being, being itself, is telling its story, singing it’s creation. Which stories we tell matters. Who we tell them to matters. How we tell our stories matters. How can you tell your story so that you are changed and changing, being shaped into the form Mystery is longing for to reveal itself in you?

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