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Image by Thomas Bonometti

Shape & Song of Feral Lunacy

Four Directions of Our Lunar Terrascape

Feral Web-Weaving


Modernity has birthed many wonders, though in its fast crawl and expansion the fabric of community has crumbled. Stretched out in pockets of isolation, western culture has devoted itself to a narrative of hyper-individualism. And as many grieve the loss of tight knit, intimate weavings of people and land, there is also a gift in the crumbling of such life-ways. Invoking our passions through the longing for connection, we are re-imagining what it means to come together in the crucible of these crumbling and collapsing times.

The rich soil from which the shared seeds of possibility gestate is infused with the compost of a decaying culture. Flowing from the orifices of the monstrous are post-activist, eco-mystical, ancestral liminalist rivers of amniotic inspiration that nourish the seeded dreams of our invocation for connection. A well-spring from which we dip our cupped hands and paws to receive liberatory libations that conjure transgressive ways of thinking and being. Ways of thinking and being that break apart well-worn certainties muffling our primal ears from the howls and gale force cries of the unknown and yet-to-be.

Through the cracks struck in the heart of the collective by colonization, industrialization, capitalism, and imperialism spills a viscous bloodline that pools in the depressions of land waiting for the tired and thirsty to kneel down and partake. Regenerative watering holes that, once imbibed, corrode the walls of complacency like a river in a canyon, and rouse a rebellious evolution. Memories flowing from the eyes of unknown gods that flood the veins, inciting an insurgence of wonder and imagination, conjure the transmutable properties of a life born of and for these times.

Feral Lunacy is a webwork strung between the roots and branches of possibility that beckons those called to sit round the fires of alchemical change, to gaze into the beautiful and terrifying eyes of these times, to roll up sleeves and plunge hands and arms through the death of current paradigms and into the birthing juices of a world manifesting its way through us and with us. A place where our entangling bodies can grieve together, rage together, celebrate together, wonder together, enact ceremony together, and sing hymns of devotion to unknown worlds together. A place and space that challenges, with fierce love and tender curiosity, the guiding narratives that participate in the storying of the world. An assemblage of creatures capable of invoking ancestral & interspecies pathways of creativity that encourage shapeshifting, edgewalking, crossroad tending, intersectional tracking, and dancing between the worlds. A webwork that longs for the creaturely shape of every feral soul whose boundary-crossing gestures augment ritualized fields of entangled emergence.

Sacred Wound Alchemy

To be alive, to move in the world as skin, bone, and blood is to be entangled within a vast spectrum of experience. Experiences whose manifestations are an entwining of the intergenerational, ancestral, ecological, mystical, geographical, cosmological, and historical that we dance with from personal vantage points. Porous and soft-bellied, vulnerability is a part of our enfleshed birthright. Vulnerability renders us capable of transformation.

Wounding presents in all manner of shape and form, cyclically in-forming and de-forming our conceptions of the world and our place in it. Notions of love, safety, and belonging are inevitably stretched and twisted about as our experiential entanglements invoke vortices of metamorphosis. Worldview certainties become dislodged. Unmoored, tides of the unknown beckon us toward initiatory landscapes that speak in shapeshifting tongues, conjuring cellular reconfigurations. Trauma, the living spirit of a wound, is a terra-ing force, worlding and unworlding our lives.

Contextualizing trauma in this way ritualizes the crucible of our most heartbreaking and unbearable experiences, opening up the possibility for integration and transformation. Sensitizing us in unforeseen ways, our greatest pains and aching torments often contain our greatest gifts. Like the Earth that is forever changed by ecological and cosmic forces, from massive storms and rumbling earthquakes to hurtling asteroids and solar flares, we too are forever changed.

Rather than trying to return to a former shape, or even move ahead, sacralizing wounds is to stay-with our becoming from ever-increasing places of psychospiritual, communal, eco-mystical resourcing. Listening for the androgynous divine in the wound, invocations of cosmic and ancestral love guide us deeper into the shape needed for these times. Elementally forged, an authochthonic awareness grows, illuminating our belonging to this world. The green shoot of us feels the multifaceted soil from which we spring, and affirms the relational complexity and dynamism of our entanglements.

Widening narratives beyond the tyrranical isolations of a suffering-self and imbuing one with the agency to choose a narrative that supports deeper integration and healing, wound alchemy enables the perceiving and engaging of multiplicities: that our pain is not simple, nor only singularly "mine." It extends across holographic fields of time where the ripplings of what-has-been lives through us awaiting alchemization. An incorporating of what matters into and through the matter of us. Irrevocably changing ourselves and the world, wound alchemy renders us capable of dreaming miraculously for and with the Earth.

Feral Consciousness


Feral Consciousness (FC) blurs the conceptual edges of domesticity and wildness, and invokes the multi- and eco-plicitious nature of each person. Encouraging emotional attentiveness and somatic engagement, FC is chthonic by nature. It stirs cosmic longing, and stretches one into shapes of greater and greater belonging. As an animating consciousness, it makes manifest a creaturely existence.


As a soft-bellied intelligence that rustles awake one's inner-knowing, FC enables a necessary resiliency for living in such uncertain times. Such consciousness encourages the art of being sharpened by the tender experiences of life. Alluring the curious and desirous to the unknown and yet-to-be, those apprenticing with FC learn to tend seeds of embodied re-membrance that hum with the possibility of trans-formation.

Such consciousness queers the binary and smudges the written doctrine of fixity. It encourages embodied responsiveness that enables tracking scents of dying stories, and love-making with the world as an erotic invocation of possible futures. It summons devotional attention to the thrumming edge of emergence where all manner of possibilities spring with inimitable timing. Sensitizing one to the entangled webwork of becoming, FC inspires one to listen for the next steps closest in. Next steps that are whispered by ancestors, unseen ones, dreams, shadows, future ones, stories, visions, and more.


Feral Consciousness inspires one to live a life of spiraling wonder. To strap questions to one's hips that jangle about with every stride so as to dislodge cultural dualisms and certainties. Curiosity becomes a prayer as each question draws one into wider and richer ways of living. Stimulating a mycelial hunger, FC composts old narratives on behalf of fresh life that articulates itself through poetry, song, dance, and more. Alchemically generative, and thereby intentionally destructive, it imbues one with the ecological understanding that death is an agent of evolution and change.

Lunar Consciousness


Lunar consciousness is a queering force, a trans-ing force, and a more-than-human force that has guided ancestors of all peoples at one time or another through seasons of change. Marking times of decay and harvest, lunar consciousness invokes relational knowing and entangled living. It is the permeating wisdom of the Moon that transmits its teachings through reflective light and cyclic metamorphosis. 


Diffuse and shifting, the moon perpetually moves through phases of solidity and dissolution. Where once pregnant and suspended in a cosmic sea of darkness this glowing orb of reflected solar light recurrently disappears. Seasons of transformation can be felt in the Moon’s rhythms where spectrums of fullness and darkness house phases of waxing and waning. A celestial shapeshifter, the moon refuses fixity and invites tidal pathways of devotion through the expressions of birth and death.

It's bulging, silver belly floods landscapes with an intuitive sight, stirring an impassioned madness that springs from worlds blurring into worlds. With steadfast withdrawal, it repeatedly slips from the fecund night sky. Gestational dreams begin to bend and curve around one another as its luminosity retreats from enraptured eyes. It's monthly alterations invite restless dreamers to altars of emergence where the multiplicitous nature of life clambers from mossy hollows of possibility. Such consciousness inspires the participation of mystic, earthen voices that speak in yips, howls, groans, hoots, coos, cries, screeches, and hums.

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