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Image by Hari Nandakumar

Feral Council

A Monthly Virtual Gathering with Sara & Amanda

Welcome wanderers, tricksters, healers, sirens, seers, lovers of the holy, womb weavers, belly bumpers, sky gazers, root tenders, devotees of darkness, cosmic dwellers, song spinners, light benders, riparian warriors, goddess-licking poets.


Welcome all manner of creature to the virtual threshold, disguised as an invitation, of our  Feral Council.

Council is a cross-cultural practice that spans great stretches of time, place, and peoples. Weaving threads of personal experience imbued by the collective stretches of becoming, Council ceremonially invokes a dance between the sacred gestures of truth-telling and deep listening. Council offers a place for embodied voices to traverse the warp and weft of connection; a devotional space for folx to honor the trembling strands of intimacy that tether us to one another. In a time where isolation can feel all too pervasive, Council becomes an even greater ally in our continued evolution. Beckoning us to follow the golden threads that guide us deeper into ourselves and the world.

Feral Council is a chthonic laboratory for the wyrd and wondrous of you to find sanctuary. A sanctuary where the labor pains of your ongoing emergence and becoming are welcomed in all their subtle immensity. A place where you can bare your teeth, flap your wings, howl your delight, scream your grief, roll in dirt, tail-talk to your hearts content, growl your ecstasy, gyrate your anger, recite bodily hymns, and purr your songs. This is a place for your to inhabit feral shapes and creaturely forms that might otherwise (and temporarily) feel too risky to reveal within current cultural terrains. Feral Council is an invitation to be witnessed, and to let such witnessing behave as a humming threshold conjuring magikal shifts in shape. Transformations that can radically alter how we show up and engage with the world. Engagements signal love-making, and love-making is an erotic act of creating-with all of life.

In our  Feral Council all parts of the multiplicitous "you" are welcome. We are inviting you to risk sharing what is true for you. Whether it means curling up and licking your wounds, or roaring out your power, grief, or rage. In this laboratory there is no "sense-making" or "together-keeping". This feral laboratory is about finding the edge of your aliveness that resides in all the births and deaths of your becoming.

We are longing to be with you, and to feel the rapturous transgressions gestating in all the delectable "yes's" patiently awaiting the readiness that lives in the cells of your own mysterious existence.

Participation Fee

Two ways you can participate in our  Feral Council:

Drop-In - $20

Drop in with other creatures and mischief-makers anytime. Please fill out the registration form below if you are not a member.

Join Our Virtual Webwork - $25 a month

When you join our Virtural Webwork you'll have monthly access to Feral Council and Feral Embodiment, access to our virtual platform via Mighty Networks where you can continue to connect and share with others, and you'll receive a 5% discount off of all Month-Long and 6 Month Courses.

Dates & Times


April 9 (Saturday) 9 a.m. MST/5 p.m. GMT+1

with Sara McFarland & Amanda Fiorino

May 7 (Saturday) 9 a.m. MST/5 p.m. GMT+1

with Amanda Fiorino

June 11 (Saturday)  9 a.m. MST/5 p.m. GMT+1

with Sara McFarland


Every Council is 2 hours long



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