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Feral Embodiment

A Monthly Virtual Offering with Amanda and Sara

Feral Embodiment is an invitation to deepen your connection with the fluid, multiplicitous, and dynamic shape that is you. A shape that is made possible by the world you are a member of; by the places and spaces you call home; by the interwoven relationships that support your ongoing-ness. Relationships that make up webworks that are collapsing and adapting in these great times of change.

We are embodied beings made of the same "stuff" that makes up the Earth and Cosmos. Our blood, bones, tissues, and organs make the mysterious force of our physical presence in this world possible. Through the porous and sensitive organism that is the body we are able to experience ourselves and the world, and all of the pleasures and pains that come with being alive. Our sense of self, by no means singular, is rooted in the vital connection we have with our bodies and the bodies of others (human and more-than-human). Our entangling forms are a part of the warp and weft of a most miraculous, shape-shifting world, and invoke a most holy form of belonging.

Joining with others online, Feral Embodiment is a space to become more intimate with aspects and entanglements of your life, and who you currently understand yourself to be. It is a virtual portal that can transport you to a clearing in the woods, an open starry sky, a mountain meadow, or a moon-drenched desert where you can cross thresholds of being with others.

Feral Embodiment is a space for... 

  • shapeshifting toward other ways of knowing yourself.

  • tending your personal experiences.

  • allowing truths to whisper themselves through your sinews, muscles, bones, the hair on the nape of your neck... 

  • invoking your ancient, animal & ancestral ways of knowing the world through your senses and bodily awareness.

  • showing up exactly as you are, and inviting what is true for you in this moment to articulate through gesture, movement, and sound.

  • meeting parts of yourself for the first time, or greeting forgotten places within you the way you would an old friend.

  • saying yes to the emotional terrain of your life - your anger, grief, joy, rage, ecstasy, sorrow, terror, and delight - and letting its intelligence move you.

  • unconfined expression, and leaning into the edges of your aliveness in all its complexity.

  • moving with "what is so," so as to dream with what could be.

  • setting down the impulse to fix, modify, or conform your way(s) of inhabiting your body.

  • wonderment and curiosity.

Come shake, twist, extend, undulate, bounce, soften, contract, wiggle, wag, jiggle, jump, scream, cackle, root, ignite, lay still, shimmy, spin, grieve, bend, and blossom with us and others in this virtual holy ground of   Feral Embodiment.

Dates & Times

April 23 (Saturday) 10 a.m. MST/6 p.m. GMT+1

with Amanda Fiorino & Sara McFarland

May 21 (Saturday) 10 a.m. MST/6 p.m. GMT+1

with Sara McFarland

June 25 (Saturday)  10 a.m. MST/6 p.m. GMT+1

with Amanda Fiorino


*Every session of FE is 90 minutes long

Flow of Our Time Together

Every   Feral Embodiment session is 90 minutes long.


For the first 60 minutes you will be invited to deepen into your body in whatever way feels right to you. There are no rules or expectations in how you choose to lean in to our time together. We encourage listening to your body, following the rhythm of your own discernment, and invoking the wonders of your curiosity. 

During the last 30 minutes of our time together you will be invited into breakout rooms (via Zoom) to share with one another what longs to be witnessed, held, and received of your experience during the first 60 minutes. Though this is not mandatory, it can be an invaluable way to deepen into and draw out your experience.

ALL BODIES ARE WELCOME! There are no requirements for participation other than having internet access and a body.

Participation Fee

Two ways you can participate in our  Feral Embodiment:

Drop-In - $15

Drop in with other creatures and mischief-makers anytime. Please fill out the registration form if you are not a member.

Join Our Virtual Webwork - $25 a month

When you join our Virtural Webwork you'll have monthly access to Feral Council and Feral Embodiment, access to our virtual platform via Mighty Networks where you can continue to connect and share with others, and you'll receive a 5% discount off of all Month-Long and 6 Month Courses. 



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