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Remembering Ourselves Feral

Stalking the Edges of the Unknown

June 3 - 6, 2022

with Amanda Fiorino & Sara McFarland

Remembering Ourselves  Feral is a 4 day ceremonial journey where you will wander beyond the edges of your known ways of being, and begin to court unfamiliar aspects of yourself as you entangle with an unfamiliar place. An unknown place whose established relationships and intersecting ecologies will play with your certainties, and invite you to risk your well-worn identity. An unknown place that will blur the boundaries of who you think you are, and evoke rich and riotous sense-abilities within you. Sense-abilities capable of invoking an embodied re-membrance.

In order to remember we must also forget. Forgetting is of cyclic necessity, enabling change and transformation. It invites us into an exploration of our understandings of the world and our ways of knowing. Knowing not as a means for reduction and simplification, but rather as a form of relational inquiry grounded in devotional attention. Attention to the mystery and emergent nature of life, and our participation in the great worldings and un-worldings that are afoot.

As beings constantly participating in the shaping and re-shaping of the world, it matters how we show up and from where within ourselves. Our participation is guided by our understandings of self, the world, and these times.


Over the course of Remembering Ourselves  Feral, we will be opening ourselves to the consciousness of place and the more-than-human peoples who call the mountain lands we'll be courting home.


Through a diversity of practices and modalities, we will make ourselves available to other ways of knowing, and set down our abiding certainties. We'll forget, for a time, our habituated approaches to inquiry, and in our forgetting, we'll re-member ourselves feral. A feral remembering that can open us up to wondrous possibilities, inspiring our co-creative capacity to dream with the Earth in yet-to-be-known ways.

What unfamiliar aspects of you will emerge in an unfamiliar place?

What does it mean to be feral? Thought it might be tempting to affix a definition to this word, doing so would reduce a most dynamic and living conversation. Reducing it to a noun where relational emergence and personal expression is snuffed out. In truth, we don't have an answer to this question. And if we did, suspicion would be our first companion to sniff and lick at such tidy proclamations.

What we have tracked, thus far, is that feral-ness invokes soft-bellied intelligence, awakens inner-knowing, inspires wonderment and awe, transgresses binaries and cultural dualisms, smudges doctrines of fixity, encourages embodied responsiveness, summons devotional attention, sensitizes one to feel more deeply the entangled web of existence, hungers for unanswerable questions, articulates itself through poetry, song, and dance, longs for the edges of the unknown, and conspires with the world through erotic invocations of possible futures.

What do we mean by "remember"?  We are speaking to a "re-membering" of our emergent natures with these immense times, and unknown futures of possibility. Re-membering as belonging to a shapeshifting world from renewed and unforeseen shapes. Re-membrance not as a replication of an in-tact past so as to repeat an already lived, known, and controllable future. Re-membrance as an invocational confluence of living memory and possible futures. A confluence where the "what was" and the "yet-to-be-known" inform the present-moment shapes of us.

Re-membering asks of us deeper intimacy, discerning surrender, a willingness to listen to and from all the places of our existance, radical honesty, curiosity, widened perspectives, and patient devotion with all that will never be (re)solved. When we re-member, we say "yes" to being changed, and our transformation(s) reciprocally changes the world.

How else might you be in relationship with yourself and these times of great change?

Participation Fee


Guide Fee: $570 - $970 sliding scale

Logistical Cost of Meals TBA

Down Payment to Reserve Your Spot: $200

*In an attempt to make this program as accessible as possible, we have a sliding scale participation fee.

*We understand that these times of uncertainty and upheaval are working all of us in varying ways, and we wish to make this offering as accessible as possible. Please do reach out to us to discuss payment plan options (with no penalty fees attached).


*We would also like to encourage that if you have the ability to pay beyond the $970, your contribution will go into our Scholarship Money Cauldron for those who wish to participate and need additional financial support.

*We have one work-trade spot available that will reduce the participation fee. Please reach out to us if you are interested.


All camping (no previous experience required). If you have questions, please reach out to us.

How We'll Spend Our Time Together

  • council

  • trance dance

  • movement practices

  • mask making

  • invitations to wander

  • dreamwork

  • mentoring support

  • and more!

Post Ceremonial Journey Integration

3 Integration Zoom Calls after our 4 days together


This 4 day immersion is open to all.

If you can feel in the marrow of your bones, the beat of your heart, the flow of your blood, the cavern of your womb, the pliable soles of your feet, or the belly of your knowing a tempestuous, shaking, wailing, undulating, growling, or shivering YES, I WANT TO RE-MEMBER, please email us at - we're so excited to dive in with you.

Once you have registered for this program, we will send you our Health Intake form, a Pack List (what you will need), as well as a brief questionnaire so that we can glean an understanding of what draws you to this offering at this moment in your life.

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